What people are saying about us!

  • I helped a very good friend move into Grand Vista for a short stay.  He liked it so well, he never came home. The friendly staff and other residents became his family.  He couldn’t have been taken care of any better, anywhere. 

  • As my father grew older, we faced the decision of how to provide him with independence and the supportive care needed. After researching several alternatives, we found Grand Vista to be the answer. The facilities were safe, warm, comfortable and inviting. The staff were professional, attentive to detail, and truly caring. Strong and positive relationships were formed. Looking back several years later, we consider it a blessing God provided, for Dad to call Grand Vista “home.”

    Steve Ivaska
  • My name is Tommy Olmstead. I lived for 62 years at 194 West State Street and my intention was to live there the rest of my life. Someone has said, “Life is what happens to you while you are making other plans.” My family and my friends were noticing some changes in my decisions making and I soon found myself having a conversation about moving. After much investigating and checking out all of the Assisted Living Homes in Coldwater, they decided on Grand Vista. One week later here I was. Was I thrilled to move out of my home? Not really. After three months how did I feel about it? I love it. I don’t have to remember to take my pills, I don’t have to do my laundry, I don’t have to cook, I don’t have to clean my room. If I need anything they are there. It isn’t home but it is the next best thing to it. I highly recommend Grand Vista.

    Tommy Olmstead
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